The internet is an invaluable source of information which allows users to view and access articles, books, audio and videos in a wide range of formats. However, downloading content from the internet is still restricted by the laws that govern copyright infringement. Internet users can be prosecuted if they are found to engage in the illegal download and distribution of certain files. Because of this, web-surfers are expected to use only official sites that enable authorized downloads.

If you are interested in watching and downloading movies on the web there are a few sites you may use. It is easier to find sites that will allow you to stream TV shows and movies than those that will enable a complete download. Nonetheless, you can still obtain legal downloads of television shows once you know where to look.

Top Sites that Can be Used to Download TV Shows


Miro is a “non-profit video player and podcast client” which allows users to download television shows, short-films and podcasts. Most of these can be watched on the site or may be downloaded via legal torrents that are also hosted on the site. You will not automatically find the most popular TV shows, however there are many documentaries, independent films and movies available. The site also allows users to navigate other sites like YouTube and Hulu where videos can be viewed but not downloaded. Miro works best with miroGuide which has a full listing of all the content that the site currently hosts.

The Entertainment Magazine

The Entertainment Magazine offers a wide selection of free movies and TV shows. These may be downloaded from which stores an extensive collection of older movies and TV shows. Some of the classics, even date as far back as 1916. The site does not have a registration option meaning you will not need to give out your personal information before you are able to download content. You will, however, need to have Windows Media Player or Quicktime. The downside to this site, is that you will not be able to access newer TV shows that are still being aired.

You may search the site based on specific categories like Romance, Horror, Drama, Cartoons and so on. After making your choice you are then free to download or watch online.

Alternative Methods

You may contact television studios and networks to find out which sites may be used to access television shows. In doing this you will find the most appropriate channels for downloading TV shows which do not involve copyright infringement.

You may also purchase TV shows for your MP3 player or mobile phone. This new feature allows users to pay a small fee and then download directly from the internet for convenient viewing on a mobile phone or computer.

A word of Caution

While the easiest method that may be used to obtain TV shows on the internet is via a P2P (Peer to Peer) network, most of the torrents available are not authorized for mass distribution. It is advisable that you do not go this route as you could face serious penalties if you are caught engaging in this illegal activity.

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